Thursday, April 9, 2009

Roller coaster

wuuu..lmanya x ride on roller coaster!!
last skali ride time..kt Lotte World n Everland..
wuishh! lma sgt dh tuh!!

spa2 yg xpnah ride lg..try la..
BEST OoOoOo!!! Five thumbs up!! haha

xpcaya?..tgok tu, even the monks enjoyed the ride

Bbrr..sjukkkkk..angin pnya la sjukkkk kt ats sinun

the part I enjoyed most..

kt ats loop tu..

eegghh!! kcut prut!!!
ahaha..smpai xkluaq sora!!
part tu yg best skali..time prut dok kecut mcm kismis..
EEE...nk2 p ride on roller coaster lg..

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